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Soft Tissue injury pilot study reflects average:

50% Reduction in recovery time

99.69% reduction in inflammation

71.70% reduction in heat retention

88.89% reduction in pain

90.10% reduction in lameness



Parent medical technology is registered in NZ as Class I Medical Device for human use;

both human and equine use are pending FDA Class II Medical Device submission.



OBET is a dynamic live photo biomodulation therapy backed by over 40,000 hours of biophysics research and development, utilizing AI and Machine Learning to calibrate biological responses in real time.


Soft Tissue Pilot Study

Veterinary Reviewed

8 independent fetlock soft tissue injuries were treated from a population of 20 horses.  Mean treatment time was 3.25 days for a mean session time of 4.5 hours each.   Participant horses were selected based on visual evidence of fetlock area soft tissue injury (inflammation, pain, heat retention, lameness/weight-bearing) and/or veterinary examination indicating a soft tissue injury. Treatments were carried out in a quasi-experimental fashion to assess any positive preliminary findings and potentially indicate a foundation for further research.

Results:  After completing treatment, all subjects had an almost complete resolution of pain and lameness/weight-bearing as measured by the Colorado State University Equine Comfort Assessment Scale, as well as an almost complete resolution of measured inflammation and heat retention as compared to a control leg.

Inflammation reduced by 88.69%

Heat retention reduced by 71.70%

Pain reduced by 88.89%

Lameness reduced by 90.10%

Full Study Publication will soon be available Full Study Publication will soon be available


In 2023 a thoroughbred yearling was disqualified from sale due to a severe Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD) lesion in her knee.  The breeder was informed that the lesion was so severe, and in such a difficult position that surgery was not possible and that the horse would never race.

After OBET treatment the final radiograph interpretation reflected ‘Remodeling of distal dorsal aspect of radial carpal bone, no fragment seen.’  NSA – No significant abnormalities.

The horse is now in active race training.

Full Study Publication will soon be available Full Study Publication will soon be available

Who can benefit

Musculoskeletal injuries have a huge adverse effect on the racehorse industry. 97% of fatal equine injuries are attributed to musculoskeletal injuries. OBET has developed a proprietary new innovation to aid in the recovery of musculoskeletal injuries in the equine athlete, leading to higher sales qualifications and reduced layup time.



Improve overall recovery time at layup facilities by accelerated reduction in inflammation, heat, pain and lameness. Average soft tissue treatment is 4 days at 4 hours each.



Facilitate improved sales qualification of thoroughbred and standardbred through improved pre-sale musculoskeletal recovery.



Aid post surgical recovery by reduced inflammation and pain. Allows horses to be more relaxed to further benefit their recovery time.



Accelerated healing allows a horse to be back on track more quickly. Early in-stable treatment of soft tissue inflammation after training or racing may prevent a small injury from developing into a more serious issue.

News & Updates

Notifications of studies, client feedback and updates

New Equine Veterinary Advisor

OBET Solutions is pleased to welcome Dr. Stephanie Huebner DVM as Equine Veterinary Advisor. Dr. Stephanie came onboard after monitoring condition, performing examinations, and providing xrays for the OBET soft tissue pilot study and OCD study. Born and raised in central Ohio, Dr. Stephanie’s love for horses started at a young age.  Spending summers at […]

Executive Team

Each member of the core OBET team brings a minimum of 10 years experience in their professional field; as well as a sincere desire to provide ethical treatment for horses.

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Sharyn Harper, CEO

Sharyn has worked for 12 years on all aspects of the development of the parent company OBIL, focusing on R&D, regulator, medical, and equine development. She has managed the process of steering the company through its regulatory approval process with the FDA and MedSafe in NZ.


Bogdan Anich, CTO

With over two decades of proficiency in software, hardware, internet security, and environmental engineering, Bogdan possesses a unique and diverse skill set that encompasses quantum physics, information technology, and innovation, reflecting a distinctive combination of technical excellence.


Susan King, BDM

Susan has been the owner-operator of a successful breeding farm and private racing stable for over 10 years. Previously she was the Director of Sales and Marketing for a large investment group. Susan is in a reputable position to genuinely convey the benefits of OBET to the equine market.


Alan Roberts, Marketing

Alan has worked for several Fortune 500 companies, including as a Corporate Solutions Consultant for the Dale Carnegie Center of Excellence. Alan will oversee OBET’s day-to-day strategy, help to develop the company’s go-to market rollout, and position its Founder as a thought leader to secure earned media while enhancing credibility.


Shon Hicks-Kimmle, Trainer

Shon has a passion for ethical training and racing of horses. He was raised on a horse farm, spent 10 years on private farms, 10 years at race tracks, and currently 3+ years managing a breeding site. Shon has been licensed in the states of Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, as well as apprenticing under nationally recognized trainers.


Dr. Stephanie Huebner, DVM

Dr. Stephanie was raised on a horse farm, spending summers at racetracks learning to train standardbred racehorses. She obtained her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Ohio State University and specializes in equine sports medicine and reproduction.


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